Str8 Compass

The World's Most Innovative High Performance Orienteering Compass

High Performance Compass of Champions

Reliable For The Fastest Runners In The Toughest Conditions

Designed for Speed & Stability

A Winning Balance For Orienteering Races

Precision And Accuracy

Changing Orienteering The World Over

Next Generation Orienteering Compass

Eye Focusing Direction Lines

Ultra Stable Needle

Ergonomic Design & Adjustable Thumb Position

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"A giant step forward for all orienteers..."

Thierry Gueorgiou, 13x World Champion

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Thierry Gueorgiou with Str8 Compass

Str8 Athletes

Daniel Hubmann, Switzerland

Orienteering Champion and Str8 Athlete.

EOC 2018 Champions: France

Str8 Athletes: Nicolas Rios and the France Team.

Simona Aebersold, Switzerland

EOC 2018 Bronze Medalist, JWOC Gold Medalist.

Miika Kirmula, Finland

Finnish Champion WOC runner and Str8 Athlete.

Emily Kemp, Canada

Orienteering Champion and Str8 Athlete.

Tilda Östberg, Sweden

Orienteering Champion 2015-17 and Str8 Athlete.

Ralph Street, UK

British Orienteering Champion and Str8 Athlete. 

Aleksi Niemi, Finland

Finland National Team & Str8 Athlete.

Str8 Pursuit of Excellence

Developed over 40 years of orienteering, combining precision and accuracy in every element to provide the best experience for an Orienteer who pursues excellence at every step.