About Str8

The founders of Str8 are part of three generations of active orienteers. A family that has been involved at all levels of orienteering including many world championships, from competing to map making and coaching.

Not content with the available offerings, we began to evolve and develop compass design. The seed was planted that became Str8.

Our desire to innovate and make a better compass product has reached across the worlds boundaries, involved leading elite athletes, friends, technical experts and a time frame that was allowed to run its full course.

We have navigated every leg of development carefully and with a thoroughness that has assured the best outcome.

The result is more than a new compass and brand, it is a commitment to orienteering and to the passion of orienteers.

The spirit of Str8 is marked in this commitment. You can see it carefully etched in our alloy capsule protector. We like to think of it as a visual reminder that Str8 is about innovation, performance and orienteering.