Str8 Crash Replacement Program

Str8 Crash Replacement Program

Str8 compass has introduced the following program to help athletes in the event of a crash or impact through normal use of the Str8 compass or magnifier.

How the program works:

The following conditions apply to all Crash or Impact replacements:

  1. Str8 will replace the same model or nearest equivalent at 40% off current recommended Retail Price ( as stated on the Str8 compass web site ) plus Euro 10,- for postage and handling.
  2. Applies to all Str8 compasses and magnifiers purchased one year previously ( 12 months )
  3. Customer must provide the original proof of purchase receipt.

The original compass or magnifier must be returned at the customers expense to Str8:
Tailwind Sport
"Str8 crash replacement”
Kotojärvenrinne 49, 07150 Kotojärvi, Finland

Please contact for details.