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Str8 Compass
Str8 Compass
Str8 Compass
Str8 Compass

Str8 Compass



The Str8 Compass is an innovative design thumb compass combining precision and accuracy in every element. Developed by a life-long Orienteering family, the Str8 is the next generation thumb compass.

Motivated by the belief that good design has the capacity to enhance all performances, Str8 was born from a need to offer a compass that would improve the accuracy of navigating and enjoyment of the competition.


Innovation by Design

  • Adjustable thumb angle. +/- 20 degrees
  • Offset capsule, 5mm
  • Full view main pointer, 91mm
  • Line of sight twin outside pointers
  • Low resistance technology needle
  • Ergonomic design
  • Standard thumb reach

Detail in Every Element

  • Aluminium capsule protector
  • 5mm Ultraclear hi-strength body
  • Precise positioning tip
  • Two straps: Soft touch & firm feel
  • Anti-slip map gripper
  • Magnifier mounting points

Developed over 40 years of orienteering pursuit by a 3rd generation orienteering family, the Str8 Compass is the most innovative thumb compass available.

Combining precision and accuracy in every element to provide the best experience for an Orienteer who pursues excellence at every step and every turn.



  1. 91mm main pointer, 5mm offset. Full length uninterrupted view.
  2. Optic enhancing twin outside outside pointing lines.
  3. Ergonomic slots. Adjustable thumb angle +/-20 degrees.
  4. Ultra stable needle with 0.04 drag co-efficent.
  5. increased map viewing area.
  6. Exact location position tip.
  7. Aluminium capsule protector.
  8. Hi-clarity transparent body.
  9. 5mm thick plate for assured strength.
  10. Two straps: soft touch or firm feel.
  11. Anti-slip map gripper.
  12. Magnifier mounting points.


Str8 Crash Replacement Program

Str8 compass has introduced the following program to help consumers in the event of a crash or impact through normal use of the Str8 compass or magnifier.

How the program works:

The following conditions apply to all Crash or Impact replacements:

  1. Str8 will replace the same model or nearest equivalent at 40% off current recommended Retail Price ( as stated on the Str8 compass web site ) plus Euro 10,- for postage and handling.
  2. Applies to all Str8 compasses and magnifiers purchased one year previously ( 12 months )
  3. Customer must provide the original proof of purchase receipt.
  4. The original compass or magnifier must be returned at the customers expense to Str8:
  • "Str8 crash replacement”
  • 65100 VASA

Contact for details.