User Manual

Str8 Compass Features:

  1. 95mm main pointer, 5mm offset. Full length uninterrupted view.
  2. Optic enhancing twin outside outside pointing lines.
  3. Ergonomic slots. Adjustable thumb angle +/-20 degrees.
  4. Ultra stable needle with 0.04 drag co-efficent.
  5. increased map viewing area.
  6. Exact location position tip.
  7. Aluminium capsule protector. 
  8. Hi-clarity transparent body.
  9. 5mm thick plate for assured strength.
  10. Two straps: soft touch or firm feel.
  11. Anti-slip map gripper.
  12. Magnifier mounting points.

Understanding Compass Ergonomics

The resting position of each person’s thumb relative to their hand varies in a normal range of +/-20 degrees. In real terms that is from roughly in line with your forearm to angling away from the hand.

Your Str8 compass has unique Ergonomic slots that will help to align your thumb to the compass within a 20 degree range so the compass will point directly forward.

How to set up your compass:

  1. Rest your thumb against the plate.
  2. Carefully rotate the plate until the main pointer (1) aligns directly- forward to your target. - Testing over a short distance is the best starting point.
  3. With your thumb secure, thread your preferred strap (10) through the matching Ergo-slots (3). - Start from the outside slots with the buckle to the top. - The gripper (11) should make contact with the map.
  4. The ideal position is when you are comfortably holding the Str8 compass with the main pointer giving you a line of sight that is directly-forward to your target.
  5. Adjust the strap again if you need to twist your wrist or rotate your body

Using the three pointing lines

Your Str8 compass has three pointing lines; the main pointer (1) is uninterrupted and the two outside pointers (2) are optically enhanced.

The highlighted outside pointers are positioned to draw your focus to the main pointer.

The uninterrupted main pointer provides a direct link to your line of sight and direction to your target.

To achieve the best results from the pointers, please adjust the thumb straps through the Ergo-slots ( see earlier )

Exact location positioning tip

At the end of your Str8 compass is a positioning tip (6).

This feature is designed to help your thumb hold pressure against the map so that your exact current location can be precisely viewed at the end of the tip.

Wide map viewing area

The unique Str8 compass 5mm off-set needle design increases the map viewing area (5) by 200 square mms.

Along with the high clarity body (8), your Str8 compass offers a wider and extremely transparent map viewing area.

The 5mm thick body (9) and Alloy capsule protector (7) assures great strength against impacts.

Personalised connection

Connecting you to your Str8 compass is our new Str8 thumb strap. We offer two materials (10) for your choice, both use our unique map gripper silicon (11) embedded in the strap to help create friction against the map.

  1. Soft touch high comfort strap. This strap has more stretch and a softer tactile feel against your thumb. It offers greater sensitivity.
  2. This strap has less stretch reducing movement of the compass against your thumb. It offers a firmer feel.

Looking after your Compass

Every endeavour has been made to present your new Str8 compass in great condition.
Maintenance considerations:

  • Clean with a non-scratch microfiber wipe using warm water.
  • Store away from direct sunlight
  • Best operating temperatures are between -10 to +35 degrees.
  • The display box has a protective insert for storage.

Support & Warranty

For all after sales support or warranty information, please contact your local stockist or Str8 compass directly at: