Not all Magnifiers are the same 

At Str8 we set out to design our new magnifier as tool of precision.

 We know when a competitor uses a magnifier they are under navigating pressure. The magnifier must deliver what normal map reading cannot. It must be reliable and all about improved performance. The Str8 magnifier is a precise navigating aid with smooth movement, logical enlargement, premium durability and highly functional


The foundation of our design is the connection to the compass. Unlike other compass magnifier combinations the Str8 Magnifier connects directly into two centring holes on the baseplate of the Str8 compass. Add the thumb strap for support and the Str8 Magnifier is held firmly and exactly in the same position every time and with the greatest clarity 


For the greatest strength we developed a custom molded Alloy tower. Molding alloy is superior to any other options for strength and far more reliable against bending or breaking.  Of course, our tower is totally compatible with all Str8 compass models and adjustable with our ergonomic thumb slots.


The Str8 lens is the best in class. Practical in size, wide and the 60mm edge to edge open design offer the broadest viewing space and all lens clarity available. The height of the tower and magnification rate on the lens has been scaled to a level that we orienteers relate to, from 1:15000 to 1:10000. 


Connecting the lens to the alloy tower is another area of Str8’s unique innovation. We have solved a common problem of the lens becoming lose during a race with a double fastening system. In the event of any loss of tension come race day, our hand tensioning design removes any doubt.


Another unique advantage Str8 magnifier is a potential time saver. For most, being able to run extended periods under magnification could help with navigation, the problem is that keeping a sense of direction becomes far more challenging. The Str8 solution is round breaking and in our total design integrity. With our unique lens locating points, choose a preferred stopping point, add the included 3m directional stickers on the lens to mirror the main pointing lines and together this offers more map reading at a larger scale while still keeping strong direction.


If you have ever said, to yourself  ”why didn’t I see that …”  then moving  to a magnifier could be a start of seeing more, but moving to the best compass/magnifier combination will give you the best chance at making a difference.