To make the world best compass we only use the worlds best components.

For all Str8 compasses it starts with the exacting science of balancing the needle to perfection. This amazingly complex process requires controlling many variables, the main being Plate Flex, Fluid Viscosity and Needle Aerodynamics.


Plate Flex on a micro level is unavoidable but the less flex the better. There is a direct correlation between qualities of plate acrylics and flex. With less flex we have more control over needle performance. At Str8 we have chosen the world best acrylic. Our Capsule and plate body material has the greatest strength, clarity and of course the lowest flex available on the market today.


Fluid Viscosity is crucial in reducing turbulence inside the capsule. A more pure fluid allows the needle to slice through with lower turbulence to disturb performance. Lower grade fluids create waves and with it more barriers to create the desired needle performance.  Str8 only use the world’s highest grade compass fluid.


The low drag Str8 needle is the final component to success. Our needle is cut to exacting accuracy and with the lowest drag coefficient to create the least resistance on the fluid. Only a few places in the world have the skill and technology to do this and it took over three years to find our final supplier. As well, the needle must be incredibly supple but very strong so that the outer edges flex as little as possible and with the greatest consistency.


With the highest grade components our research and development team were able to tune and evolve a world class orienteering compass. Tuned according to the specialist  requirements of the very best orienteers in the world. Race tuned to exactly what they require. A compass that is highly stable, fast to respond but predictable in its movement and yet able to work on a broad range of tilt.


To guarantee all our premium model compasses meet our highest expectations, we added one more fail-safe step in the production process. After being computer aligned and assembled each compass is pulled of the production line and individually calibrated for performance and hand checked. Each and every one personally by our head Str8 technician


At Str8 we are very proud of our many innovations, however it’s our 100% commitment to product integrity that brings real value to our designs.  It’s our best of best philosophy that we are most proud of.