Fredric Portin is well prepared for WOC

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Fredric Portin have had a great 2016-season so far. He proved with a top-10 in the long distance at EOC in the Czech Republic, that he is amongst the best orienteers in the world.

Read below about his preparations and goals for this year’s WOC in Strömstad.

Preparations are getting more and more important in elite orienteering – not only in the sprint disciplins. Fredric Portin has prepared well this year: :

- “My preparations for WOC has been good. This year I have managed without problems with my legs and I have been able to prepare about as I have wanted. I look forward to face the competitions almost on ´home ground´ since we stayed in Halden for a year in 2015. It will for sure be great competitions and nice atmosphere!”

The terrains around Strömstad are known to be tough, but that doesn´t scare the strong Finish runner:

- “After several training camps with the national team and of course our year in Halden, I feel very safe in the tough Swedish terrains. I like the mix of fast bare rocks on the top of the hills and the soft and heavy slopes. For the first time in WOC, I really feel like I know what to expect and how to handle the terrain.”

He continues:

- “My greatest strength is that I keep going and fighting, even though the terrain is heavy. I am good at running in terrain.”

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Going for top-10

Fredric Portin has been just outside top-10 in WOC a couple of times before, closest being a 14th place in both 2012 and 2015, this year he wants to finish amongst the ten best runners:

- “My biggest focus is to make stable orienteering and be able to be happy with my performance after the race. Then I think I will be satisfied with the position as well. Top-10 in middle and long would be a good position for me, everything better than that is just bonus.”

Stability, visibility and comfort

An orienteers most important equipment is the compass, and Fredric Portin is not in doubt of what compass he will use at WOC:

- “I like the Str8compass because its needle is very stable and visible. The compass also fits very well to my hand and it is comfortable to run with.”


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